FAVORITE RUN Makes Mapping Running Routes Easy!

FAVORITE RUN makes it easy to map running routes before you leave your house. Now you can plan ahead to create the perfect route for the distance you need to run. Once you've created your route, you can share your route with your friends or running group.

And when you're done running your route, you can use FAVORITE RUN to enter your run into your personal activity log. Your activity log allows you to track your pace, distance, and time you've run.

Using FAVORITE RUN is easy - there is no special software you need to install. Simply login, click-around on a map, and your running route is displayed along with the distance of the route.

Along with mapping your running routes and keeping an activity log, you can use FAVORITE RUN to shop for new running gear, read running articles and tips, and find other runners in your area. It's all simple and easy to do!

(It's FREE and takes just a few minutes!)
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In addition to the great FREE features that FAVORITE RUN provides, there's more available for premium members. For about $1 per month, you can enjoy additional features with elevation graphs and total gains or loses of your routes.

Another great tool available to premium members is the ability to upload your activites to your activity log from your Garmin GPS unit, such as the Forerunner. This makes sharing your routes and activities even easier.

As a premium member, you also have the ability to track your shoes in your activity log. This makes it easy to know when it's time to retire your shoes and treat your feet to a new pair. You also get additional stats for your activity log such as your fasted pace, slowest pace, and average pace for your different activities.

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If you want to just look around - go ahead. Check out one of the 255975 routes in your area or look at these recent routes mapped by members of FAVORITE RUN:

FAVORITE RUN is free to use and best of all - it's easy! After you use FAVORITE RUN you'll wonder why you used to drive around town mapping out your running routes in your car, only to end up with innacurate distances and an empty tank of gas.

(It's FREE and takes just a few minutes!)

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